Doing yoga at the Splendid of Dax

Hotel Splendid in Dax is entirely dedicated to relaxation and well-being. Open to the many people taking the waters, it also welcomes tourists who come to recharge their batteries for a weekend. This little art-deco cocoon is an invitation to suspend time and come and take care of yourself. In addition to the wellness facilities and classic treatments, 3 times a week, Florence helps her guests connect with themselves by practicing active and dynamic yoga sessions.

Disconnect from the outside world

cours de yoga a dax

When evening comes on the banks of the Adour, regulars crowd in at the entrance to the Splendid and head silently towards the relaxation room. In the hallway, the smell of incense already activates their senses, which slowly awaken to the sweetness of their future session. At the door, the delicate and calm Florence invites everyone to come in. In the natural evening light, the carpets patiently await their practitioners who, to the sound of warm and soothing music, take their seats. Florence then focuses on gentle and slow breathing exercises as if to help the bodies to evacuate the tensions and worries of the day.

“Refocusing in full consciousness on the essential; oneself and one’s emotions”

Thus, it invites everyone to disconnect from the outside world and to refocus on the essential; oneself and one’s emotions. Gradually the breaths calm down and the spirits calm down, everyone connects with themselves and can then practice in full consciousness.

Flexibility, soothing and harmony

Then, as the sun sets on the Adour, the postures follow one another. They heat the organisms gently. The bodies turn delicately, the arms rise slowly, in a kind of gentle collective dance.

“In this timeless moment, everyone feels the energy circulating in him and enters into harmony with his mind”

With understanding and kindness, Florence works with everyone to correct postures and ensure that everyone is aware of their body and their possibilities.

Toxin clearance and complete relaxation

cours de yoga - hotel splendid dax

Without ever forcing and through a work of dynamic postures, Florence then practices a more active Yoga. Stretching is always done gently, but it aims to eliminate both physical and mental toxins. Far from a simple meditation, the teacher offers her participants a real work on themselves. The faces are relaxed and smiling, all of them vigorously engage in positions that are sometimes at the limit of their own possibilities.

“No matter how far the bodies can go, or the perfect execution of the movement, the essential thing is the feeling”

Finally, as a reward, Florence ends the session with a moment of pure relaxation and complete relaxation. Lying on the mats in “Savasana”, a posture known as the “corpse”, the participants are invited by her soft and comforting voice to relax and let go completely. When the light comes on again, the faces are relaxed, but it is with a certain modesty on the emotions and feelings felt that everyone leaves a little more flexible and a little lighter than before.