The Chef of the Splendid shares his cooking secrets with us…

Local recipes cooked lightly

At the controls of the Splendid restaurant, Chef revisits the products of the local culinary heritage with one ambition: to make it light and accessible to all.

“I like the juices that simmer in the pan, but I also like a lighter, softer, olive oil-based cuisine.”

“My presence in gastronomy is the result of my passion for the product, the art and the people. This passion for cooking was passed on to me as a child by my grandmother of Landes origin.”

Chef’s bet? Make the pleasure of eating accessible and discover local and seasonal products, something to delight your taste buds!

“I discovered Mediterranean cuisine where vegetables are in the spotlight, as well as grilled, poached, roasted and carpaccioed fish… It is the opposite of Perigord cuisine, which is characterized by confits, sauces and very powerful flavours..” 

“The spa leads us to offer a more “healthy” cuisine based on raw and cooked vegetables. At the same time, the restaurant allows gourmet delicacies with dishes in sauce, roasted meats, a knob of butter… We are also looking for pleasure!”

Ducks, geese, pigs, trout, hake, squid… not to mention foie gras… are honoured in the exceptional setting of the Splendid. Several local producers provide the cuisine of this chef, who knows how to enhance classicism while adding a touch of modernity.

The Chef’s recipes: to whet your appetite…

Appetizer 100% local

Steamed asparagus from Darrigade farm, soft-boiled egg from Etcheleku farm, dried rolled breast from Vallons farm, poultry juice and young spinach shoots.

A very tempting dish

Roasted pork hazelnut from the farm of Les Vallons, celery mousseline, candied potato palets, snacked sucrine, sherry vinegar juice and peanut crumble.

A dacquois dessert reinvented

A new “my way” of making a dacquois biscuit: creamy pistachio dacquois biscuit, fresh strawberries, crispy strawberry and old balsamic vinegar.