What spa treatment in Dax? Get fit and healthy in the city’s establishments

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Wondering what spa treatment in Dax? Healing, rejuvenating or relaxing…. the spa treatment is a unique activity that combines well-being and health. The virtues of water are effective against many diseases. Discover the types of thermal cures offered in Dax, the conditions for reimbursement by social security as well as the establishments recommended in our article.

Thermal cures in Dax adapted to your health needs

For 2000 years, medicine has relied on the benefits of thermal cures to treat various diseases. Discover the types of treatments that will help you regain your health and fitness.

The thermal cure against rheumatism

If you have chronic joint pain as well as back pain or tendonitis…. the thermal cure against rheumatism is indicated for you. Whether it is arthrosis or pain from inflammation, treatments such as aerobics, hydromassage, pelotherapy or high-pressure showers will help you reduce or eliminate your pain.

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The thermal cure to treat phlebology

Venous insufficiency, also called phlebology, is a disease that can be treated during a spa treatment in Dax. Thanks to the high water temperature and high jet pressure, venous return is improved for general and long-lasting well-being.

The thermal cure to relax your lumbar muscles

Individuals of all ages face stressful situations that can cause suffering in the lumbar vertebrae. Thanks to the Lumbago spa treatment, the areas of tension are relaxed and this allows the persons taking the waters to live in better conditions of mobility and comfort.

The thermal cure to actively fight against osteoporosis

Sedentary living weakens bones and can, in some cases, cause osteoporosis. This disease could easily be prevented through prevention. Benefit from personalized support to know the right reflexes to adopt and take care of yourself.

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The evening cure, being a curist while being active during the day, it is possible

If you have a full day program, you can enjoy the cures from 5pm to 8pm. Thanks to this adapted program, there is no more excuse for not taking care of yourself. Chronic pain is reduced without preventing you from being active during the day, the ideal compromise.

Make a conventional spa treatment

Every year, more than 500,000 people follow a spa treatment. Whether the cure is carried out with a view to care or prevention, the efficiency of the thermal baths allows social security to make savings in the long term. Discover the procedure to follow to be a licensed curist.

Your doctor’s prescription for a spa treatment in Dax

Beforehand, you must obtain a prescription from your attending physician. Thanks to the care form that you will fill in together, you define the spa of Dax or Saint-Paul-lès-Dax and you can send this document to the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie.

The relay with the thermal doctor in Dax

Once you have received the care agreement, you can choose your hotel and the thermal baths that suit you. An appointment with a thermal doctor in Dax will allow you to define with him the treatment that suits you when you arrive on site.

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Go to my spa in Dax

You have arrived in Dax to carry out your cure… go to your thermal doctor and review the treatments adapted to your needs. Then go to the spa to define all the details of your schedule and get the confirmation letter. If you are unsure about the choice of spa, discover our selection below.

Thermal baths in Dax, thermalism on a human scale

The city of Dax is fortunate to have 16 thermal baths. To help you in your choice, a brief overview of the advantages of each spa location.

thermes jean nouvel dax

The Jean Nouvel thermal baths

Recently renovated, the thermal baths designed by Jean Nouvel offer cutting-edge technology to spa users. Care in rheumatology, fibromyalgia and phlebology provide the ideal conditions. Not to be missed, the aesthetic space to take care of your beauty, as much as your body.

The Borda Spa Estate

This thermal space is resolutely turned towards the outside. In a natural setting where the light is optimal, you will have the feeling of practicing your activities in the open air. Ideal to recharge your batteries.

The Adour Baths

The Adour Spa has the particularity of offering cures for seniors. These preventive cures help to maintain fitness and develop well-being. The school also offers mini-cures lasting only one week. Convenient for those with a tight schedule.