What typical dishes in Dax? Discover the culinary delights of this city

quelle specialite dax

What speciality in Dax? The city has a culinary tradition that is appreciated by locals and tourists. For many years, authenticity has been found in the dishes. Discover this land rich in flavours and stories. Gourmandise in the Franch South West!

The specialities in Dax : the salty dishes

The specialities of Dax are influenced by the Landes culture. Whether it is a preparation for a dinner aperitif, a main course or a snack to eat… the Landes cuisine has given nobility to local products.

Confits, foie gras and duck breasts

They are to be tasted, savoured and appreciated…. confits, foie gras and duck breasts are Landes specialities. Considered as the leading producer department in France, the Landes have developed a plural and qualitative offer. Many small producers are distributed in local shops or offered “à la carte” in good restaurants. Just try it!

confits - foies gras - magrets
salmis de palombes

The salmis de palombe

Salmis de palombes is a traditional French southwestern preparation, similar to a meat sauce. The palombe is a wood pigeon that is simmered in red wine. Must be added to the meet : Bayonne ham, onion, garlic cloves and aromatic herbs. The sauce is thickened with flour. It’s refined and delicious.

The landaise salad

The landaise salad is best enjoyed in summer. Indeed, even if the gizzards, aiguillettes and duck breast are hot, the rest of the ingredients are cold. In addition, asparagus, tomatoes and cucumbers served in the salad are vegetables of the summer season. Many addresses in Dax offer it “à la carte”.  Taste it, you will not be disappointed.

salade landaise

The specialities in Dax:  the sweet dishes

Quality entremets! Sweet specialities in Dax can be enjoyed at any time of the day. If the city has its own madeleine, it also has other desserts that you will love to enjoy during your stay.

Dax’s Madeleines

Since 1906, the Dax madeleines have been made by the Cazelle company. Thanks to a unique know-how, the famous madeleines are now exported throughout France. Slightly crunchy crust, subtle fragrance and soft interior, the pastry has everything to please. Madeleines are sold in boxes of 6, 12, 18 or 24 sweets… most customers fall for the large format, and we understand them!

madeleines dax
brioche landaise

The pastis

While it has its homonym in liquid form in the French southeast, pastis in the Landes is not a drink. This cake of Landes origin is a light and flavoured brioche with orange blossom, vanilla and rum. The benchmark to be sure to deal with a quality pastis is that the crumb is tight. The denser it is, the more successful the preparation is. You will find the famous brioche in all the good pastries in the city. As for conservation, pastis can be kept for several days without any problem if you keep it well closed.

The tourtière

The tourtière is a typical cake that every Landes people used to enjoy when they were a child. The puff pastry is covered with apples cut into very thin slices. When cooked, the fruit will melt. Before baking, the tourtière is covered with Armagnac-flavoured dough. At the tasting, the crunchiness of the dough blends perfectly with the apple’s fondant. Cute sin in perspective !

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tourtiere landaise