What to do in Dax? Discover the program of outings and activities to do absolutely!

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Are you planning your stay in the Landes and wondering what to do in Dax? The southwestern commune, crossed by the Adour River, has been renowned since ancient times for its thermal baths. However, it is not the only card in the game of this Gascon city. Discover the outings and activities to do absolutely!

Historic monuments and sites in Dax: the heritage can be visited

Your desires for visits are oriented towards the monuments and historical sites of Dax. We invite you to discover the city’s heritage, which is revealed during a walk in the heart of the city centre.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Dax

The imposing building is classified as a Historic Monument. In a classical Gothic style, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Dax houses paintings from the Flemish school. The door of the building is a work in itself. It is 12 metres high and 8 metres wide and is decorated with magnificent sculptures. One word, monumental!

fontaine chaude dax

The warm fountain of Dax

In the heart of a square entirely pedestrian and raised, you will have the surprise to see volutes of smoke. These are the water vapors that escape from the hot fountain. A true symbol of the city and the importance of water for thermal baths, this place has been venerated since antiquity. This fascination is still relevant today.

The Art Deco monuments of Dax: The Atrium and the Splendid

Dax is fortunate to be a city where Art Deco style monuments bring a retro touch. The architect André Granet (1881 – 1978) built two buildings of major importance to Dax’s heritage, the Atrium Casino and the Splendid Hotel. A must see.

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arene dax

Dax Arena

The Dax Arena celebrated its centenary in 2013. In the Dacquoise tradition, bullfighting occupies a predominant place. Designed by the architect Pomade, the circular building can accommodate up to 8000 spectators. During bullfights, the arenas are entirely adorned with red, white and yellow. Bluffing.

Parks and natural sites in Dax: wild outings

Dax has obtained three flowers in the classification of flowered cities, thanks to parks and natural sites of great beauty. While strollers stroll around, wildlife observers are amazed by the diversity of the ecosystem. Follow us for ideas for wild outings!

The Sarrat Park

The Sarrat park is classified as a remarkable garden. On more than 3 hectares, thousands of trees coexist, including some exotic species such as Chinese Mahogany or Sumac Vénéneux. Along winding paths, you will discover greenhouses, a spring and other wonders typical of the undergrowth. A green setting in the heart of Dax!

The wood of Boulogne

Like its Parisian namesake, the Bois de Boulogne de Dax is a forest on the edge of the city. The Dacquois go there for a jog or a horse ride. Some people who take the waters also enjoy the health trail. If you prefer walking, 4 hiking trails allow you to explore the entire oak woods.

The shores of the Adour

berges fleuve adour dax

The Adour is a majestic river that rises in the wild mountains of the Pyrenees. On its way, it intertwines with the city of Dax, which has made it an essential natural asset. Thanks to the landscaped banks, you can enjoy life along the river.

Museums and exhibitions in Dax: the city’s cultural activities

Are you wondering which museums and exhibitions have a vibrant cultural activity in Dax? Follow the guide and discover places that link history and discovery in a captivating way.

The Borda Museum, consisting of the archaeological crypt and the Carmelite Chapel

The Borda Museum is a Musée de France. This guarantee of quality is not surprising since this museum was built over two centuries. In the Chapel of the Carmelites, you will discover an exhibition revealing elements of ethnology and natural science, remains of prehistoric prehistory from medieval times as well as Dax earthenware. If you go to the archaeological crypt, you will be fascinated by the discovery of the foundations of what seems to have been a monumental temple.

The Alat and helicopter museum, to do with children

LAA means Light Aviation of the Army. This museum dedicated to the Ministry of Defence’s exhibition of the finest aircraft has everything to please young and old alike. The size of these machines, and the large airport hangars in which you will discover them, always impress the children!

Shops and shops in Dax: an outing to discover all the brands

When you fall in love with a region you are visiting, there is a strong desire to bring local specialities back with you in your suitcase. Gastronomic products, local creators, natural resources of the region… what would you like?

The market – Terres d’Adour

A stone’s throw from the Dax Tourist Office, the Terres d’Adour market specialises in the distribution of products from local farms. Foie gras, garbure, stew, canned sausages or pastis landais and artisanal jams, all the local specialities you enjoyed during your stay are available to take away.

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atelier piment dax

The Pepper Workshop

L’Atelier du Piment gives pride of place to this spicy food typical of the Landes region. Salted, sweet, in jelly, marinated or plain…. the chilli pepper reveals itself in an unusual way or, on the contrary, classic.

The creators’ shop

If you want to discover the spirit of Dacquoise creativity, visit the designer’s boutique in the city centre. About twenty craftsmen exhibit and market the fruit of their work. Small or large objects… you will necessarily notice the creation that looks like you.

boutique createurs dax