How to do the Dax Feria? An event that combines celebration and tradition

comment faire la feria a dax

Wondering how to do the Dax feria in a good way? This event is a real institution in the city of Dax. Each year, between 500,000 and 800,000 people come to the festival. In this article, we reveal to you the essential events, the ideal outfit, the accommodation… to spend a good feria and the best ways to get there.

The programme of the Dax Feria

It all starts with the opening. As a general rule, it is around August 15th, when the mayor declares the ceremony open. For this occasion, a costume parade takes place in the city centre. You will also have the opportunity to discover the Landes’ cultural heritage throughout the opening day. Landes folklore and crafts are highlighted in the Arena Park. During the 5 days of the festival, bullfighting activities take and important place. Corridas with the best torreros, novilladas without picador and the traditional bull run… bullfighting enthusiasts will want to attend all events.
At the end of the fair comes the key moment of the closing. It takes place first in the Arena, at the end of the last bullfight of the Féria. At the end of the evening, it is on the banks of the Adour that you must go to finish the celebration in style with a fireworks display.

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The outfits of the Dax Feria

At the Dax Feria, dress is very important, so be careful with your outfit. To be perfectly connected with the locals, you can dress all in white. The accessories are bright red. At the end of the opening ceremony, at around 7:30 p.m., you can put the famous scarf around your neck. It’s the basic outfit. If you want to have all the pomp and circumstance then get a red beret and a fabric belt called cinta. Choose closed and confortable shoes, the fair is a sporting event! You’re ready to go have some fun.

Accommodation for the Dax feria

For the Dax feria, we recommend you tu choose your accommodation carefully. It is necessary to rest well in order to be always in a good mood and in good shape during the 5 days of celebration! Dax Splendid is an ideal choice. You have a central location to walk to the fair. Moreover, it is the best place to attend the closing ceremony on the banks of Adour river and finish in beauty. The hotel also hosts several Feria events. As you can imagine, it is sporty to be a “festayre” as they say in Dax. You will therefore appreciate the spa offer in your hotel. Combining relaxation and action is the ideal cocktail for a successful feria.

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The best way to get to the Dax Feria

The Dax Feria exists since 1966, more then half a century! The organization is now perfectly well established. A car park has been set up near the Dax airfield to accommodate the exceptional traffic. It has nearly 3400 parking lots and it allows festival-goers to get to the festival in complete safety. Indeed, a shuttle bus runs every ten minutes to and from key locations. The city centre is easily accessible as well as the place where the vehicles are parked. Let us remember that the one who drives is the one who does not drink. We wish you a wonderful Dax fair with friends or family!